$rear what’s your virtual identity?
Rear Window
The dangers of digital identity

In 2020 I worked on the concept of danger of identity on the web. Our data is manipulated by both humans and artificial intelligences at breakneck speed and in dizzying amounts. That is why I wanted to create an awareness website about the topic.

Being aware of the fragility of our digital data that certain companies store without our permission, I have decided to give the power to the user. You can analyze an infinite database that stores the data of non-existent people.

I used faces generated with artificial intelligence of people who does not exist and all the data is randomized through libraries.

The how

The entire web has been produced with HTML, SASS and JavaScript. To generate the data I used various tools:

$rear generate-faces:
--> thispersondoesnotexist

$rear generate-data:
--> faker.js

The where

The project will soon be available on Git-hub to explore :D